What I treat

It is important to feel as though your therapist has a deep understanding and knowledge base regarding the issues you would like to explore in therapy. Here are my treatment specialties:

Life Transitions (professional shifts, breakups, preparing to get married)



Adult daughters of difficult mothers

Adult children of emotionally immature parents

Adjustment to marriage

Ambivalence during pregnancy/postpartum

Prenatal depression & anxiety

Adjustment to motherhood

Perfectionism in motherhood

Pregnancy loss

Challenges of being a working mother

Postpartum depression & anxiety

Postpartum OCD

Postpartum panic disorder

Feelings of isolation

Feelings of inadequacy/guilt/shame

Feelings of anger

Relationship issues+boundary setting

Communication issues

Self-esteem and confidence

Postpartum body image

Social media comparison/pressure

Redefining sense of self

Motherhood + identity shift

Making yourself a priority